Economic Gardening


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An entrepreneur-oriented approach to prosperity: grow from within

Economic Gardening targets second-stage companies already operating in a community. It helps these existing businesses grow larger by assisting them with strategic issues and providing them with customized research.

Economic Gardening differs dramatically from traditional types of business assistance. It’s not about business plans, financial analysis or workforce development. Instead, researchers assist in  five key buckets: core strategy, market dynamics, qualified sales leads, innovation and temperament. Within these areas, Economic Gardening specialists leverage sophisticated corporate databases, geographic information systems, SEO and Web marketing tools to help second-stagers:

  • Identify market trends, potential competitors and unknown resources.
  • Map geographic areas for targeted
  • Raise visibility in search engine results and increase web traffic
  • Track websites, blogs and online communities to better understand competitors as well as current and potential customers.
  • Refine their core strategy and sustainable competitive advantage.


Economic Gardening is a powerful business growth program.  EG has an impressive 25+ year track record with companies all over the country as evidenced in the Case Studies Archive.  Because of that record, the Washington legislature has allocated funds to the Dept. of Commerce to subsidize the participation of Washington businesses. The state pays all but $750 of the $5000 cost.

EG is essentially a 36-hour, highly customized consulting engagement with a national research team.  Part of the team “meets” with you via conference call to learn about your business, customers and your desired direction and then puts the most appropriate experts to work for you.  I met many of those experts at a training in Michigan and am impressed with the value they deliver in a short amount of time.

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