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Much like the popular Mastermind groups this course will offer support, ideas, and education for highly motivated business folks who share a common goal and are looking to encourage and help each other succeed.

The course instructor will offer topics and educational sessions each month and then allow time for peer review and input. Priority is placed on each participant discovering and creating a map answering the question – How do we get from where we are to where we want to be!

This is an experiential, interactive and fast-moving course and its success will depend on participant involvement.

The course will meet for 12-weeks spread over 3 quarters. Enroll each quarter and come to all classes, send a colleague for a topic best suited to them, or join for one quarter only.

Topics in Fall 2018 will cover:
• Marketing, Public relations, Promotion, and Sponsorship – What are the differences?
• Branding and logos
• Useful planning tools for Marketing and Business planning
• Marketing platforms: websites & email marketing

Topics in Winter 2018 will cover:
• Printed materials – business cards, rack cards, brochures and flyers
• Color, Color Psychology and Fonts
• Sponsorships and Engaging with the community
• Strategy building
• Marketing platforms: social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook)

Topics in Spring 2019 will cover:
• Annual Business review
• Getting, Receiving and Integrating customer feedback
• Word of Mouth marketing
• Marketing platforms: survey monkey, comment cards

Instructor: Kay Christy

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