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The WCWB is teaming up with Call Me Unstoppable to have a conversation about why support is so important for women, professionally and personally. We are going to dive into why so many women resist creating robust support, how we can begin creating support in our community and how ultimately support = resilience. Join us for this conversation!

Date: August 6, 2020
Time: 12:00PM-1:00PM
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About the Presenters:

The Unstoppable Sisters

Younger sister Logan left a 15-year career in HR to pursue her dream to create a coaching practice of her own, and to develop a methodology and tools that anyone can use to realize their dreams.

She created her own process for creating bigger results faster which then became the framework for her online program, Unstoppable U™, released in 2019. Logan knows that aligning our Heartset, Mindset and Skillset (the Trifecta of Unstoppable) is the foundation of an unstoppable life, and she finds joy in making Unstoppable U™ and other online offerings available to all women who want reconnect to their innate power and make the impossible happen in their lives.

Older sister Anna provides the creative and technical power behind Call Me Unstoppable, LLC. She herself works with a coach and knows the power that coaching has to reconnect women to their hearts and their power. Along with Logan she presents Call Me Unstoppable’s trademarked methodology online and in person to help fulfill the company’s mission: to improve the quality of life for women worldwide by creating a platform where women of all colors and backgrounds come together to educate, inspire, and empower each other.