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So many times, our worst bully lives in our own head. It’s time to tame those little voices that shut you down every time you want to improve. Jeanie’s five step method will help you create the life you have always dreamed of by improving your relationship with yourself and others. Hurt people hurt people and healed people heal people. It’s not ego it’s self-care. It all starts with emotional management. Learn how to manage your emotions and you can control your life and its trajectory.

The audience will learn how to:

1. Manage their negative emotions through a write and burn activity.

2. Harness their positive emotions to implement the needed changes by participating in a download reload exercise.

3. Create lasting change and improvements to their environments by creating their new and improved story and practicing it daily.


Meet the Presenter

Two-time best-selling author, professional speaker, experienced educator, and parent, Jeanie Cisco-Meth shares her scientifically proven system for improving communication and decreasing conflict. She has written many magazine articles, been quoted in Forbes, and was a paid contributor for TheBlaze. She has been a guest on radio stations across the country and locally on KSL. She has appeared on television for ABC4, Free Speech TV, and others.


WHEN: January 7, 2021

TIME: 12:oo – 1:00 pm

REGISTER: https://washingtonptac.ecenterdirect.com/events/852354

FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: Robin Houde | 360-754-6320

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