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If you cringe at the thought of reading your financial statements, don’t seem to have a knack for numbers, or ignore your numbers altogether, you’re not alone.  Attempting to understand and make sense of your business accounting is intimidating to many business owners.  However, not having a grasp on your company finances makes it difficult to make good decisions, and can allow bad things to happen without you being aware.  Fortunately there is help available.

Financial Mastery was designed to help you build the skills necessary to make better decisions with confidence.  You’ll learn how to read and understand your financial statements, construct a budget and project cash flow.  You’ll also learn how to fully understand what’s happening in your business, and identify ways to limit your expenses and fund your business growth.

Financial Mastery is a 4-week course that includes:

  • Four, 3 1/2-hour live, instructor lead webinar sessions
  • Valuable interaction and shared learning with other business owners
  • Opportunity for one-on-one business advising

Financial Mastery will teach you how to:

  • Better understand your income statement and balance sheet and what you can learn from them
  • Recognize your key financial drivers
  • Plan profits and growth
  • Find and control hidden cash flows
  • Build financial strength for future value

Thanks to generous support from the cities of Lacey, Olympia, and Tumwater, business owners within city limits can receive this training FREE, or at reduced cost! For City of Tumwater businesses, there is a $106.60 registration fee co-pay, the city will cover 80% of your registration fee. 

For businesses located outside these cities, the course price is $533.00.

To Register for This Training, Click HERE