PTAC Small Business Spotlight: LoVolt Communications, Inc.

We recently talked with Dolanna Burnett, Finance Manager at LoVolt Communications, Inc. about how PTAC has helped them navigate the process of government contracting.

PTAC:What is your product/who is your customer?

Dolanna:Network infrastructure installation, mainly commercial customers (working on building our government contract base.)

PTAC: What inspired you – or the founders – to start your business?

Dolanna: Passion for the work we do and our entrepreneurial attitudes.

PTAC: What inspires your work and sets you apart from the competition?

Dolanna: What our customers see as “above and beyond” is our standard work ethic. We strive to make every job clean and aesthetically pleasing even when our work is behind walls.

PTAC: When did you start the journey of looking into government contracting?

Dolanna: Late last year.

PTAC: How did you learn about PTAC?

Dolanna: We attended ScaleUp to help grow our business.

PTAC: What did PTAC assist you with?

Dolanna: They have assisted us with learning about government contracting, the importance of working “on” our business versus in it, and how to grow our business.

PTAC: What is your best advice for an aspiring entrepreneur?

Dolanna: Don’t give up, work through discouraging aspects of growing your business, and utilize as many resources as possible to be a more effective business owner.

PTAC: Do you have a business or personal mantra or inspirational quote you’d like to share?

Dolanna: P.A.D. (Pay Attention to Detail): we always use this quote and live by it in our personal and professional lives.