Success Stories

Benefit of Consulting with Seasoned Professional

The Thurston County Economic Development Council [SCORE] should be your first stop if you want to start a business or build on your current business.  I have found that consulting with a “seasoned” professional who has experience in “real world” business can provide invaluable insider information about the entire process you are about to undertake and ask you questions you may have never considered.  “Bouncing ideas” off of a business expert can be extremely beneficial as you travel on your journey of creating a business.


Navigating the Government Contracting Process

“Stephanie and her team at PTAC have been very helpful in guiding our company as we have endeavored to work our way through the maze that is the government paper process of trying to make government entities aware of our business and to win bids. In September our company was awarded its first government contract. This can be a long and tedious process, so be patient and listen to the advice your adviser gives you. In the end it will be worth the effort and we could not have done it without PTAC.”

Arny Davis, Ditch Maintenance Services, Chehalis, WA

TuneUp Program

“The TuneUp training has given me the tools to create a more efficient business.  For years my business has consumed my life – I worked every position, 7 days a week 24 hours a day and rarely had time off.  TuneUp has shown me how to implement systems and put together a team.  I have now taken the role of the CEO and our company practically runs itself.”

– Marty Marstrom, Meridian Care Home

Washington Center for Women in Business

“Finding and working with the Wasington Center for Women in Business was such a blessing. I was stuck in my three year long journey to pulling my dream of a business together and struggling to keep moving forward because of money and all I had been through. I found Christine, a Business Coach at the WCWB, just at the right time, she was able to help me through the most difficult hurdle of my journey and guide me to the finish line, getting my kitchen permitted by the Department of Health, creating an LLC, and tying together all the loose ends quickly after years of delay. I’m so grateful for her and the WCWB.

This is my first business and it is so wonderful to have someone to turn to, to ask questions and keep me on track. I’m on my way now but still need help and it is truly wonderful to have someone on my side to help me through the tough times.”

Auntie Gluten’s Kitchen
Sylvia Price, Gluten Free Personal Chef