ThINk: Investors

Why ThINk?

For individuals wanting something different in their investment portfolio, ThINk provides an opportunity to put some of their money in local businesses that add to the vibrancy of the Thurston economy.  ThINk Members can receive interest income on their loan while taking pride in helping to grow local businesses. Like a “buy local” initiative, the Thurston Investment Network recognizes the economic power of harnessing local resources.  A local investment network helps to connect our community, and advance its prosperity, by engaging those who are most concerned about its future: people who live, work and play here.

How to Become an Investor

Those interested in joining will need to fill out the Member Application (click “Become a ThINk Investor” to the right), attend a short training, agree to basic principles and lend within the parameters of specific securities exemptions (described during the training).  They then become a Member of the Network and are provided opportunities to learn of businesses who are seeking capital.  ThINk Members will learn about businesses seeking capital directly, via email, and through business showcase & pitch events.  It is always up to the member to reach out and initiate a discussion to learn more about the opportunity.

Loan amounts, interest rates and payback time periods are all negotiated directly between the individual member and the business owner.  Transactions and terms are determined entirely by the two parties.  Thurston EDC staff in no way vets the businesses who are submitting “opportunities,” and is not recommending them for investment.  Both parties must exercise due diligence and recognize the inherent risks, seeking advice from attorneys and financial advisers when appropriate.

Up to three members can invest within the same opportunity within a 24 month period of time.  When multiple members are investing in the same opportunity, open and regular communication is recommended.

There is no membership fee to join ThINk and never a requirement for a member to invest or lend funds.

Let’s ThINk local!

Questions? Contact Aslan Meade, Business and Investor Relations Manager at [email protected] or 360.464.6054