We Welcome David Faro as our Regional Agricultural Development Manager 


David Faro joins the Thurston Economic Development Council as our Regional Agricultural Development Manager. “It’s the greatest job title ever, I can call myself a ‘RAD’ manager,” jokes Faro. Originally from Saskatchewan, Canada, Faro has over 15 years in international hospitality and global supply chain management. His time leading expeditions often kept him overseas for up to nine months over the course of his career.

Faro previously worked for the Washington Hospitality Association as Executive Director of their Education Foundation, connecting the hospitality industry and educational institutes with hospitality education and career training programs. He holds a master’s degree in public administration from The Evergreen State College. “During the COVID-19 pandemic so far, over 317,000 hospitality workers have been affected, and that’s just in this state alone,” says Faro. “This forces us to think in-depth about supply chain systems and how geographic locations can work together to create a more self-sustainable supply chain.”

His role will focus on developing the SW WA Agricultural Business & Innovation Park, developing new markets for the SW WA Food Hub and overall working to build a more resilient regional food supply chain. “I come from a ‘systems thinking’ background, and I’m excited to apply my knowledge and skills to help support agricultural systems in Thurston County.”

Welcome, David!