“Receiving water rights will significantly increase our capacity for development and positively impact future economic growth in Yelm.” Cody Colt, Director of Public Works, City of Yelm. Photo courtesy of City of Yelm.

“The population of Yelm is anticipated to double in the next 10 years,” says Cody Colt, Yelm’s Director of Public Works. “As a result, we’re taking steps to make sure the city is adequately equipped to handle the increase.”

Recently, the City of Yelm applied for water rights through the Washington State Department of Ecology. Water and Sewer charges are based on Equivalent Residential Units (ERU). The average single-family household in Yelm uses 875 cubic feet of water per month, which is one ERU. “Right now we have about 200 ERUs, and approval of this application will bring us to 700,” says Colt.

“We have some development projects in the works in Yelm, one is a project which will add an additional 118 homes and the other project is a combination of residential and commercial space, 160 homes and well as business space,” says Colt. “Finalizing and getting approval on this water rights application will allow these construction projects to move forward.”

“Yelm has a lot of residents who are stationed at Fort Lewis,” says Colt. “They’re looking for convenience and amenities but also a small-town feel. We’ve recently added an additional well to the city so that there’s three total, and we have plans to upgrade our water treatment facility. We’re excited about the growth and the future here and Yelm is taking the steps to make sure we can adequately meet the growing community’s needs.”

Learn more about the city and their latest news at https://www.ci.yelm.wa.us/.