Southwest Washington Agricultural Business & Innovation Park

About the Agricultural Business Innovation Park

The Southwest Washington Regional Agricultural Business & Innovation Park will establish a business park focused on value-added food-related manufacturing, processing, storage and packaging within the City of Tenino on a 13 acre parcel located next to the Tenino wastewater treatment plant.

The Park will also establish a business center which will focus on providing agriculture-related and rural development business services throughout the region. The Park itself will become an agri-tourism destination and will be promoted in a cohesive way with other north Lewis and south Thurston county attractions and as part of the Thurston County Bountiful Byway. Future phases of the Park may also include establishing research & educational components.

Regional Agricultural Development News

“A fully developed Agricultural Park could provide an estimated 150 jobs and once established, projections show it could bring in more than $25 million for the region.”

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The Agricultural Park will be located in Tenino, WA.

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We are currently recruiting Park tenants who have established businesses in value-added food processing, manufacturing and/or packaging.

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