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A workshop series designed for Small Manufacturers,
Entrepreneurs and Start Ups

Are you an entrepreneur or small manufacturer who is in the early stages of launch or planning to grow
your business? Are you interested in learning how to close the gap between you and your team on basic
operation concepts, fundamental quality management systems and lean manufacturing concepts? We
invite you to participate in our upcoming workshop series designed just for small manufacturing business
owners and management executives.

The series is a combination of lectures and hands-on learning. Participants receive a certification upon
completion of each workshop. Attendance at all workshops is advised.

This workshop covers the origins of the Quality Management Systems (QMS), the benefits and
challenges on the creation, implementation, and sustainment of a QMS. Topics also include the basic
structure of QMS (ISO 9001, AS91000D). Core learning is the connection of the QMS with the business as a
whole as well as marketing opportunities.

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