Introducing the Agricultural Business & Innovation Park’s Green Ribbon Panel

The SW Washington Agricultural Business & Innovation Park project has reached a point in its development where the Thurston EDC recognizes the need to convene a panel of community partners and agricultural stakeholders to help us guide the future governance and development of the park.

Introducing the Green Ribbon Panel!

The Panel’s first meeting is on Monday, August 5 from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. at the Quarry House in Tenino. We plan on holding a total of four meetings over the next few months.

We are gathering individuals with experiences and expertise in financing, development, construction, agriculture production and processing, legislative affairs, financing and community development.  The primary duty of the panel will be to develop a governance model that will guide the use of the park.  We envision that this model will include, but not be limited to, promotion of the park, maintenance, infrastructure, professional management, and legislative affairs.

Green Ribbon Panel Members

Maureen Harkcom, Lewis Farm Bureau

Bob Mohrbacher, Centralia College

JT Wilcox, WA State Legislature

Stephen Bramwell, WSU Extension

Randy Muller, Port of Chehalis

Mike Peroni, Northwest Ag Biz Center

Tom Davis, WA State Farm Bureau

Sarah Moorehead, Thurston Conservation District

Dave Fenn or Bob Amrine, Lewis Conservation District (and producer)

Scott Nelson, Nelson Ranch (producer)

Kevin Jensen, Jensen Ranch (producer)

Sam Gibboney, Port of Olympia

Josh Cummings, Thurston County

Wayne Fournier, City of Tenino

Derek Sandison, WSDA

Will Rutherford, Tenino Planning Commission

Steven Daniels Brown, Marketing

Jace Munson, Construction

Carrie Whistler, Finance

Perry Shea, Engineering

Kevin Ekar, Civic