Food is the common denominator for many of life’s best  activities. Celebrations, marking of holidays, community events,  and gathering of friends and family. And food is uniting us in  the South Sound. It is the currency being used for expanding  our local economy, improving community health, and caring for  our environment.

There is a local food movement, now aligned under the  umbrella of the South Sound Food System Network, that has  drawn more than 40 businesses, organizations and government agencies. They are working toward a vision of a thriving food system where everyone in the community enjoys and values local, healthy, affordable food that is sustainably produced and wisely managed.

Local farmers feed our community and economy. Buying direct at farmers markets and farm stands is an investment in our community not only economically, but also socially and environmentally.

The SSFSN’s activities include an educational campaign to elevate the visibility of this long-standing effort. A great article, South Sound Food System Network – Creating Synergy and Sustainability, recently ran in Thurston Talk. They are working to encourage others, as organizations and individuals, to help spread the word about the importance of supporting our local farmers and food network.